Scott Larson, Owner
Favorite Spot Before Sunset: On the rocks in front of the inn
Favorite Spot After Sunset: Visiting with guests on the back porch or by the fire pit
Favorite Meal in the Restaurant and Pub: Fiona’s Crab Cakes or Firecracker Shrimp, any of the Flatbread Pizzas, and the Balsamic Strawberry Gelato from Maine based Gelato Fiasco

Scott was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and spent most of his early years living and traveling in Southeast Asia. When his father retired to Atlanta, Scott attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and after graduation, began working in corporate events management with The Fun Company. When his wife Corinne was expecting their first daughter, they decided they wanted a different quality of life for their kids. Their search led them to Boothbay Harbor, and to purchasing the Newagen Seaside Inn in 2000.

“We had only five months before we opened in 2001 to make the improvements we envisioned, and so many people said it couldn’t be done. We were moving furniture into place as guests checked in!” Scott remembers.

But for Scott, the Inn is a labor of love. “I first came to Maine on a vacation in my twenties and immediately fell in love,” he remembers. “It was the natural beauty. The simplicity. I’m driven, every day, to recreate that experience for our guests. They come to Newagen for the same reasons I did and I want them to have the same authentic, coastal Maine getaway.”

Scott oversees capital improvements to the Inn and supports his staff as they do what they do best—taking care of the Inn’s guests. “I’m surrounded by great people who love this property as much as I do,” he says. “It’s an honor to share it with our guests.”


Corinne Larson, Owner
Favorite Cottage: Seahorse Cottage (the most spectacular accommodation in midcoast Maine!)
Favorite Meal in the Restaurant and Pub: Butternut Squash Ravioli

Corinne was born in San Francisco, raised in Cincinnati and graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in Sociology. Her career in advertising and marketing led her to her husband, Scott, and her real dream job—Chief Executive Mommy to daughters Maggie and Kate. Corinne and Scott loved being young, single adults in urban Atlanta, but wanted a simpler lifestyle for their children. Corinne had taken a sea kayaking course in Maine and spent her junior year at Bowdoin College. Like Scott, she had never forgotten the charms of Vacationland.

Today, Corinne manages payroll and accounting, and oversees the ongoing interior redesign of the Inn. “The initial renovation, right after we purchased the property, was sweeping and speedy and totally exhausting,” she recalls. “We threw a Grand Opening party in May 2001 before we opened, and our first guest turned out to be a whale that swam slowly, back and forth, in front of the Inn. We were told this was a sure harbinger of good fortune … and that has proven to be true! I knew then and I know now that we made the right decision to move to Boothbay.”


Lin Koch, Innkeeper

Favorite Spot: Spruce
Favorite Meal in the Restaurant and Pub: Fiddleheads, Seafood Pappardelle and Blueberry Pie

Just a year after Lin Koch married her husband, John, they purchased a 205-year-old inn in New Hampshire and plunged into a 24/7 crash course in the hospitality industry. Lin loved hosting weddings, Murder Mystery weekends and quilting groups, and she made lifelong friends of guests and staff. But after five years, they were ready for something new. John fell in love with Maine vacationing in the state and convinced Lin to journey east. “There’s nothing like Newagen anywhere,” she marvels. “Every day is different. Calm water. Sea smoke. Crashing waves … being on the water is the best.” They bought a house on Southport Island and Lin brought her formidable skills to the Newagen Seaside Inn.

Lin loves meeting Newagen’s guests and finding thoughtful, inventive ways to make their stay special. “One of our guests planned his marriage proposal with us,” she remembers. “He was so cute. He wanted everything to be just right. And it was a challenge to make it come off the way he’d dreamed of … but I’ll never forget the look on his girlfriend’s face when she saw that beautiful ring. It was magic. And I felt so lucky to have been a part of it!”

A dedicated kayaker, Lin is happy to suggest paddle routes to the smaller islands for guests. But if she can’t be on the water, the rocks by Rachel Carson’s plaque are her favorite place to be. “The best sunsets ever,” she declares.


Fiona Dunlap, Executive Chef
Favorite Spot: The sea wall, where the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean make me feel like a kid in East Boothbay again
Favorite Meal in the Restaurant and Pub: My lobster salad

Born and raised in Bath, Maine, Fiona loved spending summers in the Boothbay Harbor region. She took her first job in the restaurant industry at age 14 at the Ocean Point Inn, and her culinary career has taken her from prestigious south Florida country clubs to boutique catering in New York City. Fiona could not be happier that her career has called her home again, to the Boothbay region and the Newagen Seaside Inn.

“Just being down by the sea wall makes me feel like a kid again,” she remembers. “Newagen has such a sense of tranquility. In fact, one of my favorite things about Newagen takes place every Friday, when we throw lobster bakes for wedding parties. It feels like I’m sharing a childhood tradition with new friends. We light a bonfire afterwards and serve s’mores, and as I sit in the dark dining room organizing for the next day’s events, I can still see the glow of the fire. It’s a reminder of just how much I love my job.”

When she isn’t in the kitchen, you’ll find Fiona practicing yoga, spending time with family and friends and traveling all over the world.


Tyler Tibbetts, Guest Services Supervisor
Favorite Spot at the Inn: The balcony of 121 at sunrise and Sunsest Path at sunset
Favorite Meal in the Restaurant and Pub: The Fish Tacos

Tyler was born and raised in Midcoast Maine, living away briefly for college.  Upon his return to the Midcoast, he accepted a position in hospitality at Newagen.  He can’t get enough of living close to the water and experiencing four true seasons every year.

His favorite part of Newagen is meeting the new guests and seeing familiar faces walk through the front door season after season.   “My favorite memory of my time at Newagen is when a boy named Lukas collected sea glass during his stay and would check-in with me daily to show off his new collection.  Upon check-out, he left me a sample from his collection and a hand-written Thank-You note.  I’m driven to give every guest a ‘Newagen Memory’ they can cherish for years to come.”

In his spare time, Tyler enjoys being on the water and salt water fishing with his son Trey.


Holli Ruth, Sales & Marketing
Favorite Spot After Sunset: The fire pit on the deck
Favorite Meal in the Restaurant and Pub: The Fish Tacos

Holli was born in New Hampshire, raised in Atlanta and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2012.  She always knew she would return to beautiful New England but never thought it would happen one week after graduation!  She accepted a position at a corporate event provider based in Boothbay Harbor, ME; in May 2014, she began serving and bartending Newagen weddings on her free weekends.  As of January 2015, she is responsible for Newagen’s Sales & Marketing efforts while maintaining her Executive Assistant position at Compass Rose Events.

“I love stepping off of an airplane after a vacation or company travel and taking a deep breath.   I’m not sure if it’s the crisp air or that my mind knows I’m back near the water, but there’s something about the Maine air that gets me every time.  I simply love returning.”  She admires the inn’s homey feel that continues to thrive through several extreme construction projects over the past few years

In her rare free time, she enjoys binging on Netflix, reading the latest book featured on The Skimm and traveling to see friends and family.


Carrie Eason, Event Coordinator

Kevin Swanson, Food & Beverage